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Top Tips for Showing Properties

System - Thursday, August 9, 2018

At Mayfair Property Management, LLC we understand that marketing your properties is key to the success of your rentals.  This is why our property management company in the Fort Lauderdale area provides you with the expert services and market analysis to maximize the return on your investment.  

As a property owner or manager, when considering using an open house to rent your apartments, here are some expert tips from our Mayfair team for successfully showing your rental property.

Before opening up the property for potential buyers to tour, make sure it is all clean and presentable.  You would not want your rental property to leave a lasting impression in the wrong way.  “Hey remember when we toured that apartment where the faucet never stop dripping and it smelled like wet dogs?”

It is essential that your rental is up to the high standards of cleanliness.  You do not know if potential renters will be a group of college kids or an elderly couple.  Therefore, we recommend that you consider using a professional cleaning service and factor the cost into your maintenance expenses.  A clean apartment also provides a great reflection on the carefulness of the landlord and maintenance staff that will entice renters and inspire confidence.

If your rental is currently being occupied, ask the present tenants to make sure they are keeping the place clean.  Also, make sure that they are out of the property when you are showing it.  It would be disastrous to let in a potential resident when the current one is taking a shower.

There are required notice guidelines that you should follow when letting your tenant know that you are going to show the property and when scheduling tours.  These requirements may or may not have to be in writing and it varies by jurisdiction, so make sure you check them out.  In Fort Lauderdale, the landlord and tenants laws can be found in the Landlord and Tenant Statutes.

If the tenant is leaving on bad terms, consider waiting until they are moved out to show the property.  However, if the tenant is leaving on good terms, you could use their assistance in showing the apartment in the best light.  For example, you could offer them a gift card to a local restaurant or a discount on rent if they are willing to get the apartment in tip-top shape before you plan on showing it.

Never underestimate the power of a pleasant atmosphere when showing your rental.  Good lighting and enjoyable smells make a great impression on potential residents and leaves your property lingering in their minds.  Try to open the windows to let in natural light and consider a nice air freshener, something tropical or clean to fit with the Fort Lauderdale area.  Have some fresh flowers and cookies on the counter.  Little touches like this can make a house feel like a home.