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What our clients are saying

The owner Chris is fantastic to work with. His knowledge of the Fort Lauderdale market is thorough and his ability to answer questions is fast and efficient. I believe these guys care very much about what they are doing and can absolutely be trusted to manage your investment properties. Top-notch service, knowledge and ability. Highly recommended!
- Mark Branch

As a former tenant I can only say amazing things about this company. Very effective and quick. Things you typically don’t find in a management company. Sometimes it takes long to get a hold of someone or to get approval for things. They are very attentive to customer and always willing to help and be available.
- Ruth Gonzalez

Such a wonderful, friendly team that go above and beyond. I never need to worry about anything because they have everything covered. Highly recommend
- Kath Carlin

It was a pleasure working with everyone at Mayfair recently. From Gabriel on site, to Paola in the office and Chris. Everyone is attentive, friendly, professional and a class act. Looking forward to working with Mayfair again in the future. A sincere joy to work with!
- Tara Burner

They’re very attentive and I received a quick response when I reached out to them.
- Claudette perez

Great service overall. Highly recommend them.
- Andrea Mojica

After interviewing multiple management companies to take over management responsibility of my buildings, I decided to hire Mayfair Property Management and here are the top 10 reasons why:

1. Chris and his team is the real professional in the real estate and property management world.
2. The team had given me results in the first 30 days and it gets better every month. 💰💰
3. Communication is a major part of client success and Mayfair did a great job keeping their clients informed on property performance.
4. Since Mayfair did such a great job, I no longer have to do the dirty work on property management.
5. Since I no longer have to worry about the day-to-day work, vacation mode is now an option.
6. They’re easy to understand accounting owner statement simplified my life.
7. Mayfair’s management fee is a bargain for the value that I received.
8. Mayfair is able to get a better deal and better price on repair contracts because they have so many clients. I would not be able to do that on my own.
9. Mayfair is tech savvy with traditional value in mind. As many property owners are still migrating to the technology side of thing, Mayfair can accommodate both old and new school of thoughts. That’s a godsend.
10. Chris and his team are so easy to work with, plus they are funny as hell!

That’s all folks!

- Amada Chan

Former tenant. This is the best management company I have ever dealt with. Application process was easy with quick approval. All my maintenance issues were taken care of promptly. Polite and professional staff. I would definitely rent with them again. Highly recommended!
- Vincent Smith

I am extremely happy with the deals Mayfair has brought to me. Chris has always been straight up and honest on deals he has found. He even recommended I back out of a deal he had brought to me. and being investors themselves, they know a lot about real estate and work with realistic projections. I am very happy with the deals I have made with Mayfair.
- Bernard Pierson

Gabriel from maintenance immediately solved my maintenance problem, did the job in a very friendly responsible way
- Diana Patricia Espinosa Rojas

We interviewed Mayfair Property Management last year to manage a package of multi-family properties that we ended up backing away from. What I appreciate about Mayfair is that the executive team comes from an investor background. They know what it's like to be in the shoes of their clients and actively invest in multi-family properties themselves. When the right deal comes along we will hire Chris and his team to manage it for us.
- Sepehr Bekam

Chris Kennedy and Mayfair Property Management are top-shelf. With a solid background in property management, strong business acumen, and being a real estate investor himself, Chris and his team know what’s important to owners and investors, and will provide the service level and attention to detail you would expect from a leading property manager. You’re in great hands here!
- John Collins

Never dealt with anyone as honest and genuine as Chris with Mayfair Property Management. He was always smiling and really took the time to understand what we were looking for. I highly recommend them. Use them and you will see the difference.
- Tyler Gunter

Great people and super easy to work with. Chris is a stand up guy whose word is rock solid. SoFlo market has a shortage of trustworthy people, making Chris and his team the obvious standout. Thanks Mayfair!
- Steven Holland

Wonderful experience! Professional, courteous and efficient. I love the way they renovated the apartment and I can pay rent online and make maintenance requests online as well although I haven't needed to.
- Ad Effs

Mayfair has been great to work with. Chris and his team are super attentive and responsive to all requests and needs. I am pleased to have been able to work with them and continue to look forward to working on future deals. Property management at its best!
- Nick Patel

Definitely one of the best experiences I have had with a property management company. They were always easy to contact and addressed any property issues I had in a timely manner.
- Alexandria Tollinchi

My fiancé and I hired Mayfair Property Management to manage our first multifamily investment property in Florida, and they delivered! Chris and his team are exceptional — professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and courteous! We highly recommend their property management services!
- Anne Katzer

The property is well maintained and the quality service of the staff is great. They do invest time and effort on making the tenants feel safe and welcome
- Andrés Rivera

One of the best Management teams in South Florida I have had the pleasure to work with in 15 years of business. Honest, hardworking, and efficient are just some of the qualities which set them apart.
- Dennis bonner

A year ago

Mayfair PM, under Chris K. leadership, has shown consistent and reliable professional services. One of the big advantages is that the company understands the investor’s point of view and is able to provide solutions as needed.

- Fernando Salazar

Great property manager!

Efficient and attentive to details. I highly recommend them for all of your rental property and property management needs.

- Carl howden

I have lived in a Mayfair property for a year now the management is friendly and helpful, maintenance request are completed within a timely manner and the grounds are always clean. My unit was very clean upon move in with new floors and appliances.
- Bianca Hammock

Simply the best! Knowledgeable, honest & efficient. I highly recommend using Mayfair property Management.
- Yolaine Bonner

Excellent! We hired Mayfair Property Management to manage our first multifamily investment property in Florida, and they knocked it out of the park. From helping us find the right property, to getting high quality tenants in place and paying on time, they have provided great service.
- Jonathan

Great company with smart, caring, professional, efficient, and extremely reliable employees. I highly recommend.
- Kate Johnson

Mayfair Property Management has always been a pleasure to work with! Chris K. is a very nice person and always returns phone calls in a timely manner.
- Evan Richardson

Highly recommended. Friendly and professional team with good local knowledge.
- Dag Wright

My maintenance issue was resolved immediately.
- Rodrigo Garzon Jamaica

I have had the privilege of working with Mayfair Property Management for a number of years and find them to be among the most professional and dedicated managers in the business. A
- Bryan Swicicki

It has been a pleasure dealing with Mayfair. They are very professional and quick to handle any issues
- EJ Sansone

These guys are the best. Friendly, fair, and great customer service.
- Alan Friedland

I've worked with Mayfair Property Management on several of their properties. The attention and care they put into the quality of the apartments and tenants is evident and one of the reasons they are successful.
- David Purisch

Reliable company
- Elmer Merchan Amezquita

They are very friendly and help in every way possible.
- Rafael Molina

(Translated by Google) Peace of mind is knowing that someone takes care of my assets as I would do myself, totally satisfied with the administration and kindness.

Tranquilidad es saber que alguien cuida mis bienes cómo lo haría yo misma, totalmente satisfecha con la administración y amabilidad.

- Alexandra Torres

“Hiring Mayfair Property Management for our investment portfolio was a game changer for us. It took the operational burden off our shoulders and allowed us to focus on what we excel at – investing in and adding value to apartment buildings”
- Karen, Real Estate Investor

“Chris and his team fulfilled their goal to become more than a service provider. They have become trusted strategic partners in our business and provide value that far surpasses the actual cost”
- Jason, Real Estate Fund Manager

“With a heavy heart, I will not be renewing my lease as I will be moving to a different state. This was my best experience in an apartment in South Florida (I've been here for 11 years) and would like to thank you for caring for this beautiful location. Many Great Wishes in the future for you and the staff!”
- Sasha, Past Resident