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Great Ways to Survive the Florida Heat with Indoor Summer Activities

Many former snowbirds move to the great state of Florida because of the tropical climate year round. Fort Lauderdale is HOT. It is hot in the winter. It is hot in the fall. It is hot in the spring. Oh boy, is Fort Lauderdale hot in the summer. If you are a property owner and investor, hiring a property management company means that you can be relaxing by the pool during those hot summer months, knowing your investment is being taken care of.

At Mayfair Property Management, LLC we are built to manage professional investor portfolios. We have an expert team and utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure that you maximize your property’s investment potential. We deal with investment real estate and real estate investors all day every day, and we love it.

Not only is Fort Lauderdale hot in temperature, but it is a hot spot for tons of fun and exciting things to do. If you are a property owner in Fort Lauderdale, hiring a property management company to oversee your property, market it, maintain, rent, and maximize your investment means that you have the time and energy to do all those fun things.

Even though Fort Lauderdale is beautiful, sometimes it is just too darn hot to handle outside. Good thing the city of Fort Lauderdale and Broward County offers some great alternatives for those days when it is just too hot for the beach and the pool.

Mini golf is tons of fun for people of all ages. It is great for first dates, hangouts with friends, or bonding with your kids. However, golf courses are often in direct sunlight. Well, at Monster Mini Golf in Coral Springs you can golf indoors in an extravagantly decorated and glow-in-the-dark facility. Oh yes, with air conditioning!

Fort Lauderdale is very innovative and culturally diverse. The city offers great ways for you to immerse yourself in culture through museums. For example, you and the whole family can visit the Museum of Discovery and Science and check out some of the permanent exhibits like a simulated Everglades airboat tour and the prehistoric Florida park.

At the NSU Museum of Art, you can appreciate beautiful fine and modern art. The exhibits are constantly changing so each time you go there will be something new and great for you to see.

If film is your forte, check out Savor Cinema. This small independent movie theater allows you to watch film and movies that you cannot catch at your traditional theaters. Savor Cinema offers unique movies for all the movie buffs, including rare Oscar-nominations like “The Shape of Water” and “A Fantastic Woman.”

How is the daredevil side of you? Well, if you do not have a fear of heights than Coral Cliffs is the place for you to have the time of your life while indoor rock climbing. Another family-friendly spot, Coral Cliffs specializes in rock climbing for all levels. You can sign up for classes and rent your gear right there. Come rain or shine, with indoor rock climbing you can always climb!

In keeping with the theme of taking your summertime fun to exciting new heights, join Fort Lauderdale Air Tours for one of their six different aerial adventures. You can take flight over the Everglades and Key West, or embark on a romantic scenic sunset flight with Champagne. You can revel in the aerial marvels of South Florida for tours ranging from thirty-minute excursions to day-long trips.

If you are feeling in the mood to do some brain exercises and team building, then Think Escape Games in Fort Lauderdale will answer all your desires when you are locked in a room with only clues and puzzles to help you figure out your escape. There are three different themes for you to choose from that range in their difficulty, allowing you to pick your own adventure, mystery, and level of challenge. Think Escape Games will be opening a brand new Mayan Ruins room soon!

Fort Lauderdale was built on the water, and that is one of the best ways to view the city. Carrie B Cruises’ offer an hour and a half long tours that take patrons along Fort Lauderdale’s stunning New River, Intracoastal Waterway, and Port Everglades.

There is second-floor outdoor seating on the boat and also an enclosed first floor with air conditioning and a full bar. The cruise will show you some of Fort Lauderdale’s most famous spots like the Riverside Hotel, Las Olas Isles, and the Stranahan House.

Wanting even more relaxation and luxury? Fort Lauderdale has tons of amazing spas because of the vast number of resorts in the area. We recommend the spa at the Ritz Carlton. You can get a rejuvenating facial, relaxing hot stone massage, a new manicure, and take it easy sweating in the sauna and not outside.

There is so much to do in Fort Lauderdale year round and in any weather. If you are a property owner, hiring a property management company like Mayfair to manage your investment, means you have the peace of mind to enjoy all that the great city of Fort Lauderdale has to offer.