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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the administrative fee that I pay for move-in?

    The administrative fee covers lease-set up, utility set-up, and other costs associated with move-in. 

  2. What is the minimum expected income to apply?

    In general, 2.5x the rent in income is a minimum standard for applying. 

  3. What is Rhino?

    Rhino is a low-fee security deposit coverage program that covers your tenants needs for security deposit. Tenants will pay a $399 fee at move-in and make monthly payments on their coverage that range from $8-30/month. This is not a pro-ration of the deposit. The amount the tenant pays is, in general, considerably lower than what they would be paying if it was a pro-rated version of the security deposit. The tenant also has the option to reduce their total cost by paying the whole year in advance. 

  4. What are my move-in costs?

    Your move-in cost will be your first month's rent plus the administration fee, which is $399.

  5. Is there a credit minimum?

    500 is the credit minimum, 600+ is preferred. 

  6. Are pets allowed?

    Pets are allowed at most of our properties but we recommend checking with our leasing department. The pet fee ranges from $250-500 per pet depending on size. If your pet is considered an aggressive breed, you’ll be required to provide proof of a pet liability insurance policy. 

  7. Do you guys allow short term leases? (less than one year)

    At this point, we exclusively offer 1 year leases for our properties. 

  8. How long does the application process take?

    Our application process generally takes about 3 business days to complete. If you submit towards the end of the day, the process will normally start the following business day. 

  9. What are my chances of getting approved?

    Your chances of approval are based on the merits of your application. To find a list of common reasons someone might be declined, please visit our application on our website. To maximize the likelihood of approval, please be sure to submit your application with all requested documents to ensure a smooth and quick application process. 

  10. Can I sign a lease term that is longer than one year?

    At this point, we only offer 1 year leases. 

  11. How soon can I move in?

    As soon as your application is approved, all the documents are signed and the move-in monies are paid.