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Decorating Tips for Making Your Rental Apartment Feel Like Home

Are you a renter looking for some great and finance-friendly ways of decorating your new rental? Are you wondering about costliness and aesthetic? Are you concerned with the amount of time and money you will be pouring into your temporary home?

What if we told you that, decorating your rental can be fun and fiscal. At Mayfair Property Management, LLC we will help you find the perfect living space in the Fort Lauderdale area. Here are some tips and tricks for decorating your rental space from our expert realtors and property management team.

The first tip is not to be afraid to decorate your rental! No matter how small it is, you can always express your creativity. Just make sure it is in temporary ways and in keeping with the landlord’s rules. We recommend that you contact your landlord or property management team before making any significant changes to ensure that you are not doing anything that will cost you to pay for damages.

If all is good, have fun and decorate your rental! Even if you are only planning to be there for a short time, you want a comfortable and positive atmosphere to live in. Do not sell yourself short, you deserve to live in a space that you are proud to show off and that represents who you are. Your personality should shine when you turn on your apartment lights.

Here is a budget-friendly tip when decorating a rental, invest in versatile pieces. You may not know how long you will be living in a space or where you will be moving to next. Choosing items that fit perfectly in one apartment might not work in your next. Instead, choose versatile pieces that can work in a wide range of spaces and rentals. Selecting these versatile pieces will save you money and convenience down the line.

Also, consider if you frequently move from state to state or from climate to climate. Different aesthetics fit different regions, and these tastes can be very unique to that one area. For example, if you are renting in Fort Lauderdale, you may want to consider passing on all the hibiscus, tropical fish, seashell, and palm tree patterns if you know you may be moving to another region in the future. A vibrant pineapple rug may be simply adorable in Florida, but it might not fit in very well in your new space if you find yourself moving to Vermont.

Some examples of versatile pieces are folding chairs, gateleg tables, side or coffee tables that double as storage, and modular sofas that can be left or right-handed. These pieces are easy to transition from one rental space to the next and very beneficial for your everyday living.

Another idea for beautifying your rental space is to consider upgrading the lighting. Make sure that this is possible first by checking in with your landlord or property management team. You definitely do not want to lose your security deposit because you were trying to fix some dull lighting. However, if you are able to, upgrading the lighting in a space can really brighten it up.

Not all of us are the most skilled electricians, and that’s okay! Hiring an electrician could be pricey. So, if you want to change up the lighting in your rental and save your dollars, focus your attention and your investment on some super stylish floor and table lamps. Again, be cautious of very regional or space-specific pieces like that big sea turtle lamp. Keep versatility in mind, and you will have some great lighting fixtures that will shine wherever you go.

Do not be afraid to upgrade the hardware in your rental as well. Make sure you are checking in with your landlord or property management team first still. No one likes to live in a drab “builder basic” space that makes you feel like you are walking into a cheap Ikea showroom when you come home.

To add some flare to that basically furnished rental and give it your personal touches and style, upgrade your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This is an easy way to really change up the look of your rental and make it feel like your home. Just store the old hardware somewhere secure and protected and switch it back out when you move.

When is the last time you thought about window coverings? Well, rentals have historically been very drab and lacking in window coverings. Seasoned renters know what we are talking about here – those dirty and mysteriously stained curtains, gloomy vertical blinds, twisted and bent up shades, and dreary window treatments galore. Yuck! Bad windows are temporary and cheap home staples.

Good thing there is a quick and cheap fix to those 1950s floral curtains. Upgrade to some fresh curtains. The great part is that inexpensive curtains can actually end up not looking cheap in your home. Amazon and Ikea are great places to look for some stylish budget-friendly curtains. You could also always upgrade to some classic roller blinds.

Here are a few tips on beautifying your rental. However, there is much more you can do. Check out Pinterest or some interior design blogs to get your creative juices flowing.