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Common Roofing Issues when Managing Property in Fort Lauderdale

System - Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Fort Lauderdale residents and all Floridians know how unpredictable the weather can be in the sunshine state. One minute it looks like a monsoon is occurring outside and then two minutes later, the sun is shining. One minute you can be laying your towel down at the beach and then two minutes later, you can be running for cover from a lightning storm. The weather in the great state of Florida likes to keep everyone on their toes and with an umbrella handy.

What people outside of Fort Lauderdale or those who are not as familiar with South Florida might not know, is that with the very unpredictable weather comes some serious maintenance issues. Property owners across South Florida struggle with flooding, power outages, and roofing related problems.

If you are a property owner in Fort Lauderdale or in the South Florida region, hiring a property management company saves you the time, money, stress, and the hassle of having to personally deal with all the maintenance issues that come with living in a place with such intense weather patterns.

A good property management team takes care of maintenance emergencies for landlords so they can rest easy even when the storms are raging. At Mayfair Property Management, LLC we are there handle maintenance issues on your property. We conduct inspections upon move-in and move-out that include documentation of the property’s condition and ensure all maintenance issues are addressed in a timely manner.

One of the most common maintenance issues in Fort Lauderdale and the South Florida region is roofing-related problems. The climate of Florida is not too friendly when it comes to keeping a roof in good condition. Roofs in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida take some pretty brutal beatings from year-round thunderstorms and then some extra special poundings during the hurricane season.

In addition to rain and storm-related roofing problems, roofs in Fort Lauderdale can experience a variety of different types of distress from the humid climate of South Florida. Summer is the worst season for roofs in Fort Lauderdale. This is because summer is the region’s most intense month when it comes to flooding, hail storms, and extreme heat.

Damage to roofs during the summer months really depends on the overall structure of the roof, the location of the house, and how old the roof is. Some Fort Lauderdale roofs may emerge victoriously from summer completely unscathed. Other roofs may have only some minor damage such as a broken or missing shingle. Still, some poor roofs may experience some severe damage during the summer weather, and their property owners end up with a hefty bill for serious structural destruction.

You know in cartoons when they show hurricanes, and you see a giant grey storm cloud whipping through a home, blowing the entire roof off, and flooding the whole house? Although in the case of exceptionally severe weather this may occur, usually, roofs became damaged over a period of time from sustained and constant wear.

In fact, the majority of roofing-related problems in Fort Lauderdale have been in progress for a good amount of time before they come to the property owner’s attention. Below is a description of the most common roofing-related issues in the region of South Florida.

Moisture and leaks take first prize as the most common cause to climate-related roof damage in South Florida. Leaking is a problem that occurs over time and the longer it is not addressed, the worse the leak gets. Roofs become weaker and weaker with every storm. It is inevitable that as time progresses the quality of a roof will begin to decay from constant water damage and leaks will begin to show up within a property.

Furthermore, leaking can also cause damage to flooring inside of a home. If someone is away on vacation and a serious storm hits that causes their roof to begin leaking onto their hardwood flooring, the flooring could become permanently stained or misshapen.

Wind can cause some serious injury to homes in Fort Lauderdale. Wind may sound harmless, but when it gets to the extreme speeds higher than 80 mph, it can really cause significant damage to roofs. Some types of roofing damage caused by wind are billowing, blow offs, and tenting. Tenting is when a part of a roof starts sticking out and is very visible to the property owner.

Puddles of water that form and hang on top of roofs for sustained periods of time can cause significant damage to the roof. Large puddles of water developing on top of roofs commonly occur after hurricanes and back-to-back rainstorms. A puddle on a roof may seem pretty insignificant, but as time progresses, the roof can experience a lot of water damage.

Lack of routine maintenance is another major reason why someone may end up paying a hefty fee to have a roof redone or replaced. Remember, the majority of roofing issues happen over time. Therefore, it is imperative to be taking consistent and proper care of your roof, so you can resolve and prevent problems before they become even worse. A property management company like Mayfair conducts thorough inspections of your property’s condition and guarantees that all maintenance issues are addressed efficiently.