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Association Management Services for Condos, HOAs, and Cooperatives in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida

If you're looking for a CAM licensed property management firm in the Fort Lauderdale and South Florida market for your condo or homeowner's association, you're in the right place.

My name is Chris Kennedy and I'm the managing partner here at Mayfair Property Management. Thanks for taking a moment to visit our website if you're watching this video, I know that you're probably serving on the board of directors for A local association of some sort, either a condo, an HOA or a cooperative and I know from personal experience, how challenging that can be the amount of obligation that comes with it but also when it's done right, how rewarding it can be.

Years ago, I actually served on the board of directors for an association in the Fort Lauderdale area of approximately 400 condo units. From personal experience, I know how challenging that can be. Now you may be self-managing your association, or you might be working with a management company that you're just not happy with and that's why you're on our website right now.

First and foremost, I want to say that we are here to serve you, the board of directors. We are not here to take over control of your entire association. One of the biggest complaints that we get when we interview with boards is that they feel that the current management company that's in place has completely blocked them out all of the day to day running of their community.

Our goal is to take all of the burdensome things from your plate but allow you to do the important things that you do as a board member. Those things include making decisions for the benefit of your community, overseeing the financials and being able to review those reports and then make decisions from there. But what you're not expected to do and what you shouldn't be doing, is all of the day to day minutiae; accounting, bookkeeping, maintenance coordination, dealing with owner payments, all of these different parts that are very operationally intensive.

Our goal is a management company is to come and take that off your plate, but we're in no way trying to take away the decision making or your control of the association.

If you're interested in talking to me about your specific community needs, we can provide you a full range of services. We can provide a full service management packet. We can also customize what we offer so that it fits your specific needs as an association.

I would love you to take just a moment to give me a call or send me a note. You can do so by calling the number on this webpage or filling out the form on this page to get in touch with me. I'll get right back to you. We can have a chat and see if maybe we can help you and your association to run things better.

Again, my name is Chris Kennedy. I'm the managing partner here at Mayfair Property Management and I would be glad to serve you guys. Please take a moment, get in touch with me and let's have a talk. No obligation at all. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks a lot!

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